Do things remain constant within our lives? The answer is rarely! Many people sometimes wonder why they even have certain financial plans in place given it was so long ago since they were originally established? But as we know for sure life does change and therefore our objectives need to be reviewed regularly and as a consequence so to does the strategy used to achieve them.

Which events should alert you to review your plans?

  1. Change in working location

This will usually involve a different remuneration package, a different tax environment, and living costs. Will your current life and critical insurance plans be valid in this new location?

  1. Investment environment

In volatile times such as those we are currently experiencing, it is essential to review existing investment strategies regularly.

  1. Life Changing Event

A life changing event can and almost certainly should trigger a financial review. Examples could include marriage, birth of a child (family protection, education planning), death of close relative (Inheritance or succession tax, investment planning) or change of job, to name but a few.

  1. ‘Loss of’ or ‘Infrequent’ contact from your current advisor.

Maybe through re-location or ‘lack of’ or ‘lost’ contact with your current advisor you may not have completed a regular financial review for some time and inevitably time passes quickly and investment plans start to fall off course.

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