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Review your existing UK Pensions

If you are now working or have retired outside the UK, any historic UK pensions benefits need to be managed effectively. So when it comes to receiving income from these schemes, you do so in the most tax efficient manner possible.

It is not only about income though, as pensions can form part of your estate on death and impact on possible IHT liabilities for your beneficiaries.

If you have more than one former pension scheme then you may benefit from consolidating these into one easy to manage scheme such as SIPP ( Self Invested Personal Pension ) or a Qrops (Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme).

There are many considerations when deciding what is the the best option to take, therefore reviewing your current arrangements is the natural starting point. Reviewing the type of schemes you have, the benefits they will give, the flexibility and any guarantees they may offer are key factors in determining if transferring the cash transfer value is in your best interests.

If after completing this analysis, a transfer is considered a prudent option for you, the next question posed is – what type of approved scheme would be the best option for you and would be best suited to your current circumstances and future plans?

Synergi Investment Ltd has, through its regulated partners, access to UK specialist pension transfer experts who can review your current UK pension plans and provide a detailed report about their current status and the merit of transferring the schemes into the most suitable HMRC approved plan.



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