Life Assurance

DON’T ‘put your head in the sand’ when it comes to dealing with Life Assurance. Don’t be put off by facing so many choices that you feel unable to make a decision at all.

Here are some of the ‘triggers’ that should be making you think ‘Life Assurance!’


  • Buying your first house, upgrading, or re-mortgaging your existing property
  • Getting married
  • Becoming a parent
  • Safeguarding your family’s future
  • Ensuring your mortgage is paid off if you die
  • Young, fit and healthy? This is the best time to start paying premiums!

At Synergi Investment we know what all of these add up to … peace of mind for your family and for yourself. Our company draws on 17 years' experience handling the affairs of a worldwide clientele. Our consultants build and maintain long-term one-to-one relationships to ensure we fully understand your concerns.

And our ground-breaking Life Protector Plan will meet all your requirements … and buying life assurance has never been easier. You can do it yourself, or we can help! We even have a Skype link to make it easier.

The Life Protector Plan is the world's first online international life assurance product and is perfect for the busy lives of expats. The Life Protector Plan provides protection for mortgages, college funds, retirement and estate planning and comes with worldwide coverage.

No matter where your overseas assignments or international travels take you, the Life Protector Plan is accessible 24/7, 365 days of the year.

The products include Life Cover, Life Cover with Personal Accident Rider and stand-alone Personal Accident Cover.

In addition to being accessible every day and every hour of the year, Life Protector Plan's unique features also include:


  • Up to $400,000 cover without medical examinations
  • Apply online in five minutes and receive your quote in one minute
  • Extremely competitive quotes based on your unique factors
  • Available in US dollars, UK pounds sterling or Euros
  • Entry age 18 to 69

Making life easy … Making life simple …
at Synergi Investment


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