How We Work with our Clients

There are a number of key stages to how we like to work with our clients which we have found from experience suit the needs of most of our clients. However, we are wholly flexible around the needs of you the client so please tell us what level of service you wish to receive and preferences you may have, for example on how you would prefer us to make contact with you.

Stage 1 Client Fact Find and establishment of Needs and Priorities

It might seem obvious but assuming too much can often lead to the wrong conclusion

The start of the process and indeed the heart of it is a thorough fact find of your current circumstances with the aim of clearly identifying your areas of need, your priorities and future goals or objectives.

The better the understanding we have of your current circumstances the better placed we will be to provide you with the most appropriate advice. It is usual also at this stage to agree a timescale and possible budget or investment target, whatever is appropriate in the circumstances.

We usually complete this via telephone and email but where practical face to face.

Stage 2 Synergi Proposal and Recommendations

Having completed the fact find your appointed adviser will give consideration to your needs and prepare a report and recommendations for your consideration (we usually email this to you in the first instance) and follow this up with a further meeting or telephone call.

Stage 3 Finalising your Proposal and Implementation

Any amendments to the original proposal are agreed at this stage and subject to your approval your adviser will guide you through the application process to enable implementation of your plan.

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