Saving for Education


School Fees Planning and planning for the cost of university education needs to be put in place many years in advance. 
The primary goal is to build up a capital sum to meet the cost of school fees in respect of primary and secondary education, and both fees and maintenance costs for university education.
Free University education is a thing of the past, which means that many parents are likely to find it a struggle to see their children through university.Basic school fees can vary widely. Private education fee levels will depend on the pupil's age, whether the pupil is day or boarding and the location of the school itself.
Finding the money to pay for higher education is becoming tougher as fees rise well in advanced of inflation and Parents are now expected to meet tuition fees in addition to covering living expenses.
There are a number of different types of savings plans available to meet the cost of educating your children. We can tailor a plan to suit you personal requirements and circumstances. 
Please contact us to discuss the options; we will of course answer any questions you have or check out our Education Fee Planning Calculator



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