Investment Calculator

Pension Calculator

How much will your pension investments be worth on retirement? Our Pension Calculator enables you to calculate the figures to give you the answer, based on the sums you have saved and invested during your working life. If there is a projected 'shortfall' our Pension Calculator will show how much and at Synergi Investment we can advise on how to address that situation.

Interest Calculator

If you are baffled by the effect of interest rates on your investments, loans or debts our Interest Calculator will solve those problems for you. You can transform annual interest rates to monthly, or vice versa, and calculate total interest charges over a given period.

Education Fees Calculator

Synergi Investment's School Fees Calculator is a vital aid in working out how much you will need to save to prepare for paying school fees, or how interest charges will increase the cost if you need to take a loan. You can factor in how much school fees may grow over the years due to inflation and the number of years to be spent at school.

Single Premium Investment Calculator

Synergi Investment's Single Premium Investment Calculator allows you to assess investing a single lump sum over a specified number of years at various interest rates, to predict the future value of your investment.

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